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We are currently at the 403EATS Food Truck Park in Tomball, TX

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Established 2019

Señor Burrito Company was born in Houston, TX on the Black Friday of 2019. Executive Chef, Miguel Camacho brings you an array of taste and unique recipes with his 16 years of experience in the Mexican food industry. From the best well known Mexican restaurants in San Diego, CA Chef Miguel brings to Houston a piece of Mexico in every meal with a staff that make you feel like family.


Señor Burrito Company Catering

From trade shows to personal events, we assist with all type of occasions.

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How we love on our local community

We are very excited that Señor Burrito Company and 403EATS will be hosting a #positivepandemic after-school tutoring program for middle school and elementary school students on Mondays from 3:30pm-6:30pm at the 403EATS Food Truck Park. We are currently looking for high school students who are willing to serve and earn community service hours. If you are local high school student looking for a community service opportunity please click on the link below to be redirected to a form to fill out and complete.
Get to know some of our wonderful volunteers!
Middle school and elementary school students are welcome! Join other students as they hang out and work on schoolwork at 403Eats Food Truck Park


My name is Valerie and I am here to help the children in the community that need that extra little push with their school work. This is a really good opportunity for individuals who need to acquire volunteer hours. We get to be outside and enjoy the beautiful weather while helping the children that come. This allows for your school work to be more enjoyable and less of a drag, with also delicious food available for an after school snack.

Valerie Estrada

I volunteered to tutor as way to help the kids in my community. I wanted to take this opportunity as a way to provide some extra help to the kids who might be struggling with school. It can help us come together and help each other during these hard times.

Amanda Martinez-Quesada

I wanted to volunteer with the Senor Burrito Company’s program because I love tutoring children. A lot of children struggle with asking their teachers for help and feel more comfortable getting educational assistance from someone closer to their own age. I think giving back to the community is very important, and the youth of today hold the future of tomorrow, so I want to do my part to help ensure that the children in my community receive a proper education and the help they need to excel in school. I have enjoyed my tutoring experience so far and love the way a child’s face lights up once they finally understand a concept. I hope to be able to help many more children’s faces light up with understanding in the future!

Amarachi Moghalu
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